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Life as a Goat Mommy

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

My goatee boys Chompers - Beebe
Meet Chompers and Beebe

How does a girl go from being a city slicker with a gorgeous wardrobe, always having freshly painted manicured toes, and new cars bi-yearly, to becoming a goat mommy and having dirty fingernails?

Over the years, some have asked me how it is that I gave up a moderate career and an on-the-go lifestyle, in the city of Seattle, to become a simpleton and country girl. Is it possible I’m reverting back to my roots and where I came from?

As a small child, I recall the many daydreams I used to have about growing up and becoming a Wonder Woman. To me, this was a professional woman who walked heavily and held her head high. Wonder Woman was my ultimate idol as a child. She represented a woman not only with great beauty but had great strength that could crush a bullet, which to me represented life’s hurdles. In reality, she may have had a cultural impact on me, which I didn’t realize until now, as I reflect on my past.

I remember the feelings of excitement that came over me, as a child, when I thought I would grow up to be just like my idol, Wonder Woman. As a child, I felt I had the confidence that was needed to take care of myself because I would have superpowers that would protect me from life’s misadventures. Was this the footprint of feminine empowerment that may have been imposed on me as a youngster? After all, Wonder Woman was a symbol of strength and self-reliance for women; she represented mutual support among women, esteem for human life – and the belief that strength is the only way of solving problems (Wikipedia, 2012).

Wonder Woman represents beauty, and I so desired to be that one day. I had a good-sized gap between my upper front teeth and was a bucktooth from the constant sucking of my thumb, which was a result of a mother who always put peanut butter and jelly on my thumbs. Why do people think it’s cute to see a baby suck its thumb? This creates problems that are hard to correct in the future. During my younger days, my hair was so short most thought I was a little boy. I was always found outside, naked in the front yard, playing with green plastic army men my dad gave me. During those days, I was an only child. My mother constantly dressed me in lacy dresses, hats, and ribbons, uck. As a toddler, I had a bedroom full of oak furniture and many little pieces of a small dainty, glass tea set, not to mention the huge selection of stuffed animals too. But still, I resisted the frilly and insisted on being outside naked, playing in the front yard, and digging shelters for my army men to hide in because they were at war. I wasn’t interested in tea sets, nor did I like wearing lacy dresses.

I was born in the 1960s. This was a time when Marge Simpson’s large hairdo was a hit. It was cool to smoke pot, and most believed in love, not war.

Both sides of my family were from long lines of farmers. I was always around the farm life while visiting relatives who lived nearby. It was common for me to come home dirty with the smell of fresh cow manure after visiting my grandparents. But it was only my mother who insisted on keeping up with the neighbors by always buying brand new cars, the latest in 70’s shag carpets, and the outlandish décor all over the house.

I was the only one in the neighborhood at six years old to have her own pony. I always rode that guy without a saddle. I recall always gripping on for dear life when I would grip my pony's back as I swam him across the river to go berry picking on the other side. Where was my supervision? Tisk-tisk! No fear and neither did Wonder Woman. That all changed when my mother moved us away. It must have been many years later that I forgot about the distant farming family I had as a young child and began having the mindset for city living. I started dreaming of the day I would work in a huge city, wear the most expensive clothes, and carry a brown leather briefcase. I guess over time; I forgot where I came from and settled into the city living, running with others just as successful as I. Oh, it did have its perks, Mm Mm. But as I got older, something in me changed, and I realized I was starting to daydream of gardening, farm animals, and no neighbors.

I live on a small farm in rural Northern Arizona and have three goats, a mammoth pet pig, a few barn cats and four awesome dogs.
Love My Boys Ringo and Chowder

Today, I own a small farm in rural Northern Arizona and have three goats, a mammoth pet pig, a few barn cats that are great hunters, and four awesome dogs. My garden is full of green beans, pumpkins, garlic, and tomatoes. My sunflower plants are scattered around the property and the mice keep the cats active. The hummingbird feeders are full, and the scattered cracked corn keeps the wild rabbits and birds at play. I love the simple quiet life and the daily chores of life at my place.

I'm thankful for my simple life as a goat mommy, Love the farm life.
My Pet Pig Missy

If I had to do it all over again, I wonder how Spirit would guide me through that rocky path to bring me to where I am today. Life is good. Give thanks for what you have, even though you don't think you have much. I'm thankful for my simple life as a goat mommy. Love the farm life.


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