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How Does Red Light Therapy Work on Animals - Healing Pets with Red Light Therapy

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Light Therapy for Dogs and Pets - LED Light Therapy for Pain Relief, Muscle & Joint Pain from Dog Arthritis, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Wounds
Healing Pets with Red Light Therapy


Research has shown that red light therapy can help with pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing
Red Light Therapy Benefits

I personally believe red light therapy devices are highly effective and an excellent treatment for A-L-L pets, and humans too. Healing Pets with Red Light Therapy is definitely a holistic practice I use frequently. Example: On 4/19/2023, my cat was bitten by a (bull?) snake. He could not use his leg and it was severely swollen, I thought he broke it. He would not let me touch it to look at it, so I thought to use my red light on his leg. His sessions were about 2-3 hours a day for 4 days. Today, he is outside and able to walk again and the swelling is completely gone, though I can see two big puncture marks on his leg that are nice in size and all the hair in that area of his leg is gone. The puncture marks look like a snake bite.

LED Light for Dogs

A 2017 study evaluated the effects of pre-operative red light therapy on dogs undergoing bone surgery. Twenty-seven dogs were divided into two groups, one group received the red light treatment pre-operatively, and the other group received a fake treatment. Eight weeks after treatment, a greater proportion of the dogs treated with light therapy had healed.

Also note: read about how red light therapy supports natural pain relief in dogs.

Healing Pets with Red Light Therapy - Horses

Anecdotal testimonies

Testimonies from pet owners who have used red light therapy here.

It’s undeniable that scientific studies offer valuable factual proof that red light therapy assists in animal healing. Evidence, however, is also helpful in providing firsthand insights into people’s experiences.

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Veterinarians and pet owners use red light therapy to relieve pain and inflammation, heal injuries, and treat chronic conditions like arthritis.
Red Light Therapy for Pets


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