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Please bring proof of income

Please spay/neuter your pet

NOTE: this program is for individual pet owners. We are unable to provide assistance to independent pet rescuers. If you have rescued more animals than you are able to feed, we can provide you with information and recommend that you work with a non-profit 501(c)3 Rescue Organization.

NOTE: we do not provide pet food assistance to breeders (of any kind). If you have puppies or kittens that you are planning on selling, you are strictly prohibited from pet food assistance. We strongly recommend that all pets be spayed/neutered and would be happy to assist with costs if needed.

Please bring a valid Photo ID when applying

NOTE: we are not able to donate to wild cat populations. Our main focus is helping families to be able to keep their pets by providing free pet food.  Please contact us if you have a colony and we will try to help with finding resources.

Spay/Neuter assistance  may  be  available  to  those  who  qualify

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spay and neuter assistance

Who can apply for Spay/Neuter

  • Anyone who is truly struggling financially and can’t afford it and families on public assistance.


  • Must be an Arizon resident

Due to funding and our mission, we are not able to sponsor surgeries for rescues. Our program is solely to help struggling pet owners.

Requirements for Spay/Neuter Assistance

  • Must be low income

  • Must be on family and public assistance

  • Multiple cat and dog households may have a small co-pay

  • You must transport your pet to and from the clinic, on time!!

Eligibility To Receive Pet Food Assistance

  1. Proof of income status, unemployment, or disability with a valid driver license or some form of ID

  2. Recipients must be 18 years of age or older. ID is required 

  3. Pets are for companionship and not for breeding or illegal activities

  4. We encourage pets to be spayed/neutered. Assistance may be available

  5. Pets must be a part of the family with inside shelter and must be maintained in a healthy environment and living conditions

  6. Understand that all pet food and supplies are donated and may not be the current brand you normally feed your pet

  7. Agree not to hold White Mountain Pets Food Pantry, its volunteers, and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) become ill or the food upsets a pets(s) stomach

  8. Recipients agree not to resell, redistribute or attempt to return to a store, any food or care items received from White Mountain Pets Food Pantr

Should you violate any of the above requirements, White Mountain Pets Food Pantry will terminate assistance immediately without notice.

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